About the project

Personal Branding 4EUth Employment is a new initiative to overcome youth unemployment in EU  promoted by Association Coaching 4 EU (Romania),  Fundación Catalunya Voluntaria (Spain) and United Society of Balkans (Greece).

For 2 years, Personal Branding 4EUth Employment was financed by the European Commission, as a youth exchange in the mark of the Youth in Action program in 2013 in Romania and Erasmus+ in 2014 in Spain.

The objective of the project is to offer an alternative tool, like Personal Branding, for improving employment situation of young people in Europe.

This idea appeared in the context of high  youth unemployment rates in Europe (where 1 in 5 people under 25 that are willing to work cannot find a job), in accordance with the proiorities of the European Comission and Europe 2020 strategy.

The project is designed  for unemployed young people, looking for a job, able to communicate in English and motivated to improve their employability skills.


Editions of Personal Branding 4EUth employment project:

1. Cluj-Napoca, Romania 2013

Place: Cluj-Napoca, Somesul Rece (heart of Transtilvania)

Dates:29 July- 7 August

Number of participants: 24 (2 group leaders)

Countries: Spain & Romania

Promoter: Organizatia Studentilor din Universiattea Babes Bolyai (OSUBB), Romania

Partners: Fundación Catalunya Voluntaria (FCV), Catalonia

2. Barcelona, Spain 2014

Place: Barcelona, Vilnova i la Geltrú

Dates:31 July to 7 August

Number of participants: 22 ( 3 group leaders)

Countries: Greece, Spain, Romania

Promoter:Fundación Catalunya Voluntaria (FCV), Catalonia

Partners: Coaching 4 EU, Romania,  United Society of Balcans (USB), Greece

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